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"The Sisneros family's spirit-filled, courageous journey of total abandon to the Great Commission, has lead them to leave the comforts of a familiar life and step into the lives of children who have no one else to stand for them." ~ Pastor Reza Zadeh

I Choose To Be Esther

I’ve read the book of Esther multiple times and I’ve wondered “What’s the point? What does God want me to learn from Esther, or Mordacai or Hamen even? It’s an interesting story but how does it relate to my life today?”

Last week a team from Colorado visited us in Guatemala. They helped build a house. They spent time learning about the culture. They loved and hugged the kids.  And then, after a week, they re-entered the palace gates.

You and I were chosen by a King to live inside the palace gates just like Queen Esther. You and I could have been born in a 3rd World Country to a now single mom. We could have been born in a one-bedroom cornstalk room with dirt floors and no bathroom.  We could have been born and left on the side of the road by alcoholic parents. But we weren’t. We were born in the United States of America where we have access and opportunity that most of the world does not.

You may not agree with what I’m about to say but it’s thick on my heart, so I’ll say it anyway.…and it’s something I’ve had to come to terms with. My “success” in the States had nothing to do with me. Yes, I paid my own way through college. Yes, I started my own business. And yes, I worked hard.  Really hard.  I deserved a good life filled with good things, right?

It’s only by the grace of God that I was born inside the gates. And let me tell you, IT’S PARADISE.  It’s not perfect and there can be incredible challenges, but there’s just no comparison. Come wait with me at the National hospital for 8 hours…just to get admitted. And then wait 3 days to finally be seen by a doctor.  Most private schools in Guatemala don’t compare to the free public education my kids had in Colorado. THAT. IS. A. FACT.  And public schools in Guatemala are packed, understaffed and severely underfunded.

Great.  But what does that mean for me?

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“Every time I read anything from you I’m always so moved by your Faith and ability to use each and every situation to Glorify God. You’re an inspiration and a person God is using in my life to show me and teach me things in my spiritual journey.” ~ Kevin

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