Middle School Sponsorship Partner with Us

“Education is the way out of poverty in El Rosario.  I just don’t see any other way.”  George Sisneros, an Ordinary Missionary

$85 per month Sponsorship – We have 8 boys this year who will be attending our middle school, The El Rosario Christian Academy for boys.  It’s a traditional school with classes Monday through Friday 7:30am-2:30pm.  I believe the boys will get one of the very best educations possible.  When they leave our middle school, THEY WILL BE PREPARED.  BUT, the reason we established this school is for the 1st hour of the day.  From 7:30-8-30 every morning, we pray and study the bible.  If I could fly you here for ONE hour, THAT would be the hour.  What God is doing is powerful.

$45 per month Sponsorship – This year we have 15 boys and girls who will be attending a private non-traditional school we’ve partnered with, America Latina.  Classes are held on Saturdays 7:30-1pm.  America Latina is perfect for students who have to work weekdays (helping mom at home or for those who work the fields).  The students will also have private tutoring Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the year, here at the academy.

Since the school year doesn’t start until January 20th, the students are at the academy 3 days a week getting private tutoring.  We’re doing all we can to get them to grade level before classes begin.