Partner Together

List of our current ministry needs in Guatemala.


You can absolutely “Share the cost” of any needs.  We’ll update them every time a donation is made.

1. Projector for our new classroom.  $537  PURCHASED

2. Front grass – during construction, the grass for the soccer field was completely demolished.  The boys return in mid January and we’d love to have it ready for fútbol!  $600  PURCHASED

3. Grass for the back of the academy.  This is where we plan to put a swing set for the “little’s” that we’re adopting.  Before the swing set, we need grass.  $400 PURCHASED

4. We’ve raised $4,700 for Sony’s surgery.  We still need $2,300  $2,000  $1,800.  We’re looking for 11 people who will donate $200 OR 20 people who will donate $100 OR 1 person who will help us with the total cost.  CLICK HERE to read Sony’s story.

5. Learning A-Z reading program.  This year one of our goals is to flood the academy with reading opportunity!  You can CLICK HERE to see the program we’re looking at.  $100 per year  ONE YEAR PURCHASED

6. HELP!  We need a new printer!  We not only have our own middle school with 14 boys but we have tutoring every day of the week for 35 middle schoolers.  $486.

7. We need 20 new chairs for our middle school!  $24.50 each / $490 ALL PURCHASED

8. We need 6 new tables for our new classrooms.  $73 each / $438  ALL PURCHASED

9. We need school supplies including pencils, pens, paper, folders, notebooks.  $500

10. Scholarships – We have just 1 boy left who needs a scholarships.  CLICK HERE to see his photo and read his short bio.

11. Library books – $20 each.  We have our own librarian in the States who previews and helps us choose the best books for the academy.  We would love 100 more books!

12. We need a marker board for our new middle school classroom $125

13. We need 4 bulletin boards  $25 each

14. Internet for the academy.  $100 a month or $1200 for 2018!  I know.  Pricey.  But, we’ll have the only internet available in El Rosario.


Click “Other” in the drop-down menu and note which item you’re helping with in the “Memo” section.